Welcome to Builders Association of India Thanjavur Centre

In the year of 1983 to participate as a special observer in the executive committee meetings of the All India Builders Association at Kodaikanal at the end of September 1983. Both Er. V. Deivasigamani and Er.Venugopal were invited by the then Vice President of All India Builders Association Madurai and Mr. Krishnamurthy. Accepting the invitation, both attended meetings and arrived in Thanjavur with the firm decision to start the Thanjavur Centre of the All India Builders Association.

A Builders Association Center was launched in Thanjavur with 21 like-minded builders and industry members joined within a week.

It was inaugurated on 16.10.1983 at the famous Sangeeta Mahal on Vijayadashami. Former All India President Mr. M.N. Rajaram and All India Vice President Mr. Krishnamurthy and Mr. R. Radhakrishnan and other centre leaders of Tamil Nadu graced the occasion.

Builders Association of India

Most executors of infrastructure development programmers and builders of real estate, i.e. the construction companies in India, are under the umbrella of the over-seven-decades-old Builders' Associa-tion of India (BAI). BAI is the only all India apex representative body of civil engineering construction companies. BAI was founded in 1941 under the guidance and blessings of Brig. C.V.S. Jackson of Military Engineering Services, 'Poona', now known as 'Pune', who suggested that builders working under his command, form a body for finding solutions to various problems. He went further and made available a piece of land inside the premises of Southern Command Headquarters in Pune, on which an office was con¬structed and aptly named 'Jackson Hut', which stands even today as a monument in BAI’s name.

Committee Chairman

Membership Development Committee
Er. S. Anandurai
Er. T. Venkatraman
Er. P.Senthilkumar
Grievance Redressal Committee
Er. G. Somasundarabharathy
Er. R.K.Kumar
Er.S. Vaithiyanathan
Mr. N. Sundarajan
Er. T. Rajasekaran
Yoga Committee
Er. G. Neelamegan
Er. S. Veeramani
Health Committee
Er. R. Arumugam
Er. P.V. Sivakumar
Food Committee
Mr.E. Jayakumar
Mr.N. Selvarajan
Mr.M. Shankar
Er. S. Ibrammusha
Reception Committee
Er.B. Karunaharan
Er.N. Durairajan
Er.A. Karthikeyan
Tour Committee
Er.P. Tamilselvan
Er.S. Nadimuthu
Er.G. Venkatesh
Mr.K. Vinothraj
Calendar & Diary Committee
Er.V. Jayaseelan
Er.R. Selvakumar
Sports Committee
Er.S. Rajesh
Er.K. Sivaprakasam
Er.S. Kathiravan
Mr.S.A. Lenin
Er. A.S. Arivazhgan
Web & Communication
Mr.S. Vijayaraghavan
Mr.G. Radhakrishnan
Stage Committee
Er.N. Arumugam
Mr.S. Rengarajan

Executive Committee 2023 -24

Er. M.G. Anandh
Er. B. Sankar
Er. V. Jayaseelan
Er. G. Mani
Er. M. Ramamoorthy
Mr.V. Thiruvenkatasamy
Mr.R. Thangaraj
Er. P. Tamilselvan
Er. M. Muthukumar
Mr.C. Vairavel
Er.G. Neelamegam
Er. A. Ashokan
Mr.G.K. Anand
Mr.G. Venkatesan
Mr.M. Shanker

Former Chairman

Er. V. Deivasigamani 1983 - 1985
R. Subbiah Naidu 1985 - 1986
P.N.K. Menon 1986 - 1987
(Late) S. Ramakrishnan 1987 - 1989
(Late) S. Ramamurthy 1989 - 1990
K. Padmanabhan 1990 - 1991
(Late) M. Gopalakrishnan 1991 - 1992
K. Sethuraman 1992 - 1994
Er. P. Perumal 1994 - 1995
(Late) Er. S. Joseph Christy 1995 - 1997
V. Mani Narayanan 1997 - 1999
Er. B. Sivanadam 1999 - 2001
Er. K. Mathiyalagam 2001 - 2002
Er. P. Venugopal 2002 - 2003
V. Rajagopal 2003 - 2005
Er. N.T. Balasundaram 2005 - 2007
S. Prabhu 2007 - 2008
M. Ayyappan 2008 - 2010
Er. T. Rajasekaran 2010- 2012
Er. Albert Suresh 2012 - 2013
Er. G. Ravichandran 2013- 2014
Er. G. Somasundara Bharathy 2014 - 2015
Er. R. Elancheran 2015 - 2016
Er. B. Anandhan 2016 - 2017
Er. R.K. Kumar 2017 - 2018
Er. S. Vaithiyananthan 2018 - 2019
Er. T. Kalyanasundaram 2019 - 2020
Er. C. Megan 2020 - 2022
Er. M. Rengappa 2022- 2023


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